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Looking for where to buy precious metals online? JK Silver Coins is your trusted source for buying precious metalsBuy silver, gold, platinum, palladium & copper bullion online at low premiums.

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Specail Deals

precious metals

1994 American Eagle Silver Dollar (Slight Toning on Reverse)

US $109.95

Lady Germania

2023 Lady Germania 2oz .9999 Silver Coin

US $156.32

precious metals

2023 American Silver Eagle $1 BU in Capsule

US $32.00

American Silver Eagle Dollar

Coin Pendant 2023 1 oz. BU American Silver Eagle Dollar Gold Filled Rope Bezel

US $139.60

precious metals

2023 1 Oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin .999 Fine (Lot of 10) Ships Fast!

US $279.05

2020 St Helena Una

2023 Lady Germania 2oz .9999 Silver Coin

US $104.00

precious metals

2020 MEXICAN LIBERTAD PCGS MS70 First Strike 5 Oz Silver BU Coin.

US $434.95

precious metals

1996 United Arab Emirates UAE 50 Dirhams 25 National Day Silver Coin

US $300.00



Why do business with us?

JK Silver Coins is an online retailer of precious metals products, established in 2015. We deal exclusively in physical bullion, selling gold or silver that is delivered directly to your door.

Quality products are one of our top priorities. JK Silver Coins works directly with mints and distributors, and we inspect all new inventory carefully, ensuring that the products our customers receive are of the highest quality.

JK Silver Coins is located in the United States, New York. We have proper and full accreditation from the state, federal government, and distributors alike.

Our customer service has been and will always be a priority. Should you have a question about prospective orders, orders in process, or completed orders, simply contact our phone support or email support for a prompt response. We are always willing and able to assist you with an existing order or to answer any questions that you may have.

Customer Reviews


Jeff N

Extremely professional from initiation to closure of sales. Product knowledge and availability is one of the reasons I shop with them.


Bejamain P

JK silver coins is a very professional and reputable company. They have great selection with best prices. Great customer contact and secure shipping.


Stephen C

JK silver coins my favorite place to purchase precious metals. They have not made one mistake with me. Looking forward to next purchase.


Karren W

I have spend 10’s of thousand with JK Silver Coins and they have let me down. Not only do they have the best prices they are professionals. Buy with utmost confidence!

Why Buy Precious Metals from JK Silver Coins?

JK Silver Coins, the leading Precious Metals dealer in the United States, understands the needs of Gold and Silver investors. Now surpassing 20 years in business, JK Silver Coins distinguishes itself through exceptional customer service, unmatched product quality and options, and a brain trust of resources to help investors develop their ideal investment portfolio.

Although Precious Metals can be part of a balanced portfolio, JK Silver Coins understands this investment isn’t for everyone. It may not suit those who prefer to see their wealth confined purely to numbers on a page. Thrill-seekers may be disappointed to find that Gold prices and Silver prices don’t fluctuate wildly at the whim of global stock markets, as many factors are involved in Precious Metals pricing.

Unlike traders of buy-today-sell-tomorrow commodities, investors in Gold and Silver have been known to pass down their collections to future generations. They understand the unique value of an investment they can hold.

JK Silver Coins provides highly trained representatives to help you buy Precious Metals online. Whether educational purposes or simply for assistance navigating the website, click here and be one step closer to diversifying your Precious Metals portfolio.

Extensive Selection of Precious Metals for Sale

Your investment is sensible, but it should also be beautiful. Whether you are seeking Silver coins for sale or Gold bars for sale, look beyond the luster of Precious Metals and consider designs that represent your personality and interests.

A bouquet of string instruments adorns Gold Philharmonic coins produced by the Munze Österreich, or Austrian Mint, in Vienna. Lady Liberty casts open her arm on American Silver Eagles, the world’s only Silver bullion coin whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the United States government.

Find these and thousands more options through JK Silver Coins. With JK Silver Coins, your Precious Metals purchase is guaranteed and fully insured.